IELTS READING – Chelsea Rochman S21AT3

IELTS READING Chelsea Rochman, Chelsea Rochman, an ecologist at the University of California, Davis, has been trying to answer a dismal question: Is everything terrible, or are things just very, very bad? Rochman is a member of the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis’s marine-debris working group, Attempt full reading test…

IELTS READING – The Secret Of Staying Young S21AT1

reading IELTS READING S21ACT1 The Secret Of Staying Young Pheidole dentata, a native ant of the south-eastern U.S., isn’t immortal. But scientists have found that it doesn’t seem to show any signs of aging. Old worker ants can do everything just as well as the youngsters, and their brains appear just as sharp. ‘We get […]

IELTS READING – Saving bugs to find new drugs S20AT2

  IELTS READING Saving bugs to find new drugs Zoologist Ross Piper looks at the potential of insects in pharmaceutical research A. More drugs than you might think are derived from, or inspired by, compounds found in living things. Looking to nature for the soothing and curing of our ailments is nothing new – we have […]

IELTS READING – The power of play S20AT3

IELTS READING The power of play Q32 Virtually every child, the world over, plays. The drive to play is so intense that children will do so in any circumstances, for instance when they have no real toys, or when parents do not actively encourage the behavior. In the eyes of a young child, running, pretending, and […]