IELTS LISTENING – Greek Island Holidays S47T1

    IELTS LISTENING S47T1 Greek Island Holidays MAN: Greek Island Holidays, can I help you?   WOMAN: Yes, I hope so. I have a friend who’s just come back from Corfu and she’s recommended some apartments in Arilas. She thought they might be on your list.   MAN: Arilas, Arilas, let me see. Can […]

IELTS LISTENING – Winridge Forest Railway Park S47T2

IELTS LISTENING S47AT2 Winridge Forest Railway Park WOMAN: For the second in our series about locally-run businesses, we meet Simon Winridge, co-founder of the hugely-successful Winridge Forest Railway Park. Welcome, Simon. Now, perhaps you can begin by telling us a little bit about how it all started.   Attempt full listening test…

IELTS LISTENING – Bilingualism S45T4

IELTS LISTENING S45T4 Bilingualism When we look at theories of education and learning we see a constant shifting of views, as established theories are questioned and refined or even replaced, and we can see this very clearly in the way that attitudes towards bilingualism have changed. Attempt full listening test…

IELTS LISTENING – Study Skills Tutorial S47T3

IELTS LISTENING S47T3 Study Skills Tutorial TUTOR: Ah Caroline…come on in. Sit down.   CAROLINE: Thanks.   TUTOR: So how’s the dissertation planning going?   CAROLINE: Well Dr Schulmann. I’m still having a lot of trouble deciding on a title.   TUTOR: Well, that’s perfectly normal at this stage. And this is what your turorials […]