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IELTS LISTENING – Monosodium Glutamate S23GT4

IELTS LISTENING Monsodium Glutamate Lecturer 1: In today’s lecture, I’m going to talk about monosodium glutamate, or MSG, as it’s more commonly known. Now. MSG, as you probably know, is a flavour enhancer, which is used particularly in Chinese and Japanese cooking. Today I am going to explore why it is so popular in these […]


IELTS LISTENING HOMESTAY APPLICATION Housing Officer: Yes. What can I do for you? Keiko: My friend is in homestay and she really enjoys it. So I’d like to join a family as well. Housing Officer: Okay, so let me get some details. What’s your name? Keiko: My name is Keiko. You Tini. Housing Officer: Could […]

IELTS LISTENING – Geography Presentation S23GT3

IELTS LISTENING Geography Presentation Student A: Remind me, Trevor, how long is the presentation? Student B: Dr. White said three per hour. Student A: So about 20 minutes. Student B: Well, it’ll be 15 minutes per presentation on five minutes for questions. And is this one gonna be assessed? Student A: No, not this time […]


IELTS LISTENING NATURAL RESERVE Guide : Welcome to all of you. Can everybody see and hear me? Good on Sally, your guide for this tour of the Bicentennial Park. I hope that you’re all wearing and most comfortable whose and that you can keep up the pace. So let’s get underway on our tour around […]

IELTS LISTENING – Agricultural Park S21GT2

IELTS LISTENING Agricultural Park Instructor: Welcome to Green Veil Agricultural Park. As you know, we’ve only been open a week, so you’re amongst our first visitors. We have lots of fascinating indoor and outdoor exhibits on our huge complex, spreading hundreds of Hector’s. Our remit is to give educational opportunities to the wider public, as […]

IELTS LISTENING – Enquiry About Booking hotel Room For Event S21AT1

IELTS LISTENING Enquiry About Booking hotel Room For Event Andrew: Good morning, Claire House Hotel on Drew. Speaking on the events manager. Samantha: Good morning, Andrew. My name’s Samantha. I’m arranging a party for my parents 50th wedding anniversary on bringing to ask about hiring a room sometime next September. Also, my parents and several […]

IELTS LISTENING – Honey Bees in Australia S21GT3

IELTS LISTENING Honey Bees in Australia Teacher: Good morning, everyone in Today Simona Grant Freeman, a biologist who specialises in identifying insects and who works for the Australian Quarantine Service, has come to talk to us about his current. Was that work right? Well over you Simona Grant Freeman: Grab. Good morning, everyone. I’m sure […]

IELTS LISTENING – Research on questions about doctors S21GT4

IELTS LISTENING Research on questions about doctors Shona: I’ve been doing some research into what people in Britain think of doctors, the ones who work in general practice, the first call for medical care and comparing this with the situation in a couple of other countries. I want to talk about the rationale behind what […]

IELTS LISTENING – Purpose Of Children’s Literature S21AT3

IELTS LISTENING Purpose Of The Children’s Literature Stephanie: Hello. Trevor: Hello, Stephanie. You said you wanted to talk about the course I’m taking on literature of her children. Stephanie: That’s right. I’m thinking of doing it next year, but I’d like to find out more about it first. Trevor: Okay, well, as you probably know, […]

IELTS LISTENING – Field Trip Proposal S22GT3

IELTS LISTENING Field Trip Proposal Tutor: Right centre. You wanted to see me to get some feedback on your group’s proposal, the one you’re submitting for the Geography society field trip competition. I’ve had a look through your proposal, and I think it’s a really good choice. In fact, I only have a few things […]

IELTS LISTENING – Latin American Studies S20GT3

IELTS LISTENING Latin American Studies Tutor: I’ve been reading your personal statement, Paul. First, let’s talk about your work experience in South America. What took you there? Was it to gain more fluency in Spanish? Paul: Well, as I’m combining Spanish with Latin American studies, my main idea was to find out more about the […]

IELTS LEARNING – Australian Aboriginal Rock Paintings S19GT4

IELTS LEARNING Australian Aboriginal Rock Paintings Lecturer: Good morning, everyone. I’ve been invited to talk about my research project into Australian Aboriginal rock paintings. The Australian Aborigines have recorded both real and symbolic images of their time on rock walls for many thousands of years. Throughout the long history of this tradition, new images have […]


IELTS LISTENING  WEST BAY HOTEL – DETAILS OF JOB  Westbury Hotel: Hello, Westbury Hotel. Can I help you? Candidate: Oh, good morning. I’m ringing about your advertisement in the Evening Gazette Westbury Hotel: is not the one for temporary staff. That’s right.Yes, I’m afraid the person who’s dealing with that isn’t in today. But I […]

IELTS LISTENING – Improvements to Red Hill Suburb S19GT2

IELTS LISTENING Improvements to Red Hill Suburb Carol: Good morning and welcome again to your city today.With me today is Graham Campbell, a counsellor from the City Council. You’ll be telling us about the plan to improve the fast growing suburbs off Red hill. Good morning, gramme and welcome to the show. Graham: Morning, Carol. […]


IELTS LISTENING Geography Lecturer: So welcome to your introductory geography lecture. We’ll begin with some basics. Firstly, what do we learn by studying geography? Well, we learned a great deal about all the processes that have affected and that continue to affect the Earth’s surface. But we learn far more than that because Freddy and geography also informs […]

IELTS LISTENING – Rented Properties Customer’s Requirements S20GT1

  IELTS LISTENING Rented Properties Customer’s Requirements State Agent: Good morning. How can I help you? Customer: Hello. I’m interested in renting a house somewhere in the town. State Agent: Right. Uh, could I have your name, please? Customer: Yes. It’s Steven Godfrey State Agent: on The. Tell me how many bedrooms you’re looking Customer: […]