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IELTS LISTENING- Musical Favourites S21T2

  IELTS LISTENING Musical Favourites Jake Stevens: Hello, everyone. I’m Jake Stevens and I am your rep here. At The hotel, I’m sure you’ll all have a great time here, so let me tell you a bit about what’s on offer. I’ll start by telling you about some of the excursions that are available for […]

IELTS LISTENING – Apprenticeship S16T2

  IELTS LISTENING Apprenticeship Manager: Good morning, everyone. My name’s Janet Parker, and I’m the human resources manager. We’re very happy to welcome you to your new apprenticeship. I hope that the next six months will be a positive on DH. Enjoyable experience for you. I’d like to start with some general advice about being […]

IELTS LISTENING – Marine Renewable Energy (Ocean Energy) S16T4

IELTS LISTENING Marine Renewable Energy (Ocean Energy) Lecturer: In today’s class, I’m going to talk about marine Archaeology, the branch of archaeology focusing on human interaction with sea lakes and rivers. It’s the study of ships, cargoes, shipping facilities on DH, other physical remains. I’ll give you an example. Then go one to show how […]