IELTS READING – KNIGHTHOODS – An ancient tradition S52AT1

IELTS READING S52AT1 KNIGHTHOODS – An ancient tradition Q1 Knighthoods are one of the oldest and most prestigious forms of honouring individual citizens in the United Kingdom. Although initially conferred upon members of the armed forces solely on the basis of their performance in combat, the award now recognises all contributions to national life. Some of […]

IELTS READING – Andrea Palladio: Italian architect S53AT1

IELTS READING S53AT1 Andrea Palladio: Italian architect A new exhibition celebrates Palladio’s architecture 500years on A. Vicenza is a pleasant, prosperous city in the Veneto, 60km west of Venice. Its grand families settled and farmed the area from the 16th century. But its principal claim to fame is Andrea Palladio, who is such an influential architect that a neoclassical […]

IELTS READING – “JUST DO IT!” Or – the subtle art of procrastination S52AT2

IELTS READING S52AT2 “JUST DO IT!” Or – the subtle art of procrastination Procrastination, a kind of chronic time-wasting, has long been dismissed as an innocuous human foible. Q14 Researchers are now beginning a more sober examination of this practice, however, and there may be good reason for doing so: twenty percent of Americans now admit […]


IELTS READING S51AT1 THE DEPARTMENT OF ETHNOGRAPHY Q2 The Department of Ethnography was created as a separate department within the British Museum in 1946, offer 140 years of gradual development from the original Department of Antiquities. If is concerned with the people of Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Pacific, and parts of Europe. While this includes […]