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Fiddy Working Heritage Farm

Welcome to the Fiddy Working Heritage Farm. This open-air museum gives you the experience of agriculture and rural life in the English countryside at the end of the nineteenth century. So you’ll see a typical farm of that period , and like me,all the staff are addressed in clothes of that time.

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I must give you some advice and safety tips before we go any further. As it’s a working farm, please don’t frighten or injure the Q1 animals. We have a lot here ,and many of them are breeds that are now quite rare.

And do stay at a safe distance from the Q2 tools : some of them have sharp points which can be pretty dangerous so please don’t touch them. We don’t want any accidents, do we?

The ground is very uneven , and you might slip if you’re wearing sandals so I’m glad to see you’re all wearing Q3 shoes – we always advice people to do that.

Now ,children of all ages are very welcome here ,and usually even very young children love the ducks and lambs, so do bring them along next time you come.

I don’t think any of you have brought Q4 dogs with you but in case you have . I’m afraid they’ll have to stay in the car parking unless they’re guide dogs. I’m sure you’ll understand that they could cause a lot of problems on a farm.

Now let me give you some ides of the layout of the farm. The building where you bought your tickets in the New Barn, immediately to your right, and we’re now at the beginning of the main path to the farmland – and of course the car is on your left.Q5 The scarecrow you can see in the car park in the corner, besides the main path, is a traditional figure for keeping the birds away from crops, but our scarecrow is a permanent sculpture.It’s taller then a human being, so for you can see it from quite a distance.

Q6 If you look ahead of you. you’ll see a maze. It’s opposite the New Barn, beside the side path that branches off to the right just over there. The maze is out of hedges which are too tall for young children too see over them ,but it’s quite small, so yo can’t get lost in it.

Now, can you see the bridge crossing the fish pool further up the main path ? Q7 If you want to go to the cafe, go towards the bridge and turn right just before it. Walk along the side path and the cafe’s on the first bend you come to The building was originally the schoolhouse, and it’s well over a hundred years old.

As you may know, we run skills workshops here, where you can learn traditional crafts like woodwork and basket-making. You can see examples of the work and talk to someone about the course, in the Black Barn. Q8 If you take the slide path to the right here, just by the New Barn, you’ll come to the Black Barn just where the path first bends.

Now I mustn’t forget to tell you about picnicking , as I can see some of you have brought your lunch with you. You can picnic in the field, though do clear up behind you ,of course. Q9 Or if you’d prefer a covered picnic area ,there’ one near the farmyard : just after you cross the bridge, there’s a covered picnic spot on the right.

And the last thing to mention is Q10 Fiddy House itself.From here you can cross the bridge then walk along the footpath through the field to the left of the farmyard. That goes to the house, and it’ll give you a lovely view of it. It’s certainly worth a few photographs ,but as it’s a private home , I’m afraid you can’t go inside.

Right. Well, if you’re all ready , we’ll set off on our tour of the farm.


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WOMAN : Oh, hello. I wanted to enquire about hiring a room in the Village Hall, for the evening of September the first.

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OFFICIAL : Let me just see … Yes, we have both rooms available that evening. There’s our Main Hall – that’s got seating for 200 people. Or there’s the Charlton Room …

WOMAN: Sorry?

OFFICIAL : The Q1 Charlton Room – C-H-A-R L-T-O-N. That’s got seating for up to one hundred.

WOMAN : Well, we’re organising a dinner to raise money for a charity, and we’re hoping for at least 150 people, so I think we’ll go for the Main Hall. How much would that cost?

OFFICIAL: Let’s see. You wanted it for the evening of September 1st?

WOMAN : Yes, that’s a Saturday.

OFFICIAL : So from six pm to midnight that’d be £Q2 115 – that’s the weekend price, it’s £75 on weekdays.

WOMAN : That’s all right.

OFFICIAL : And I have to tell you there’s also a deposit of £250, which is returnable of course as Iona as there’s no damage. But we do insist that this is paid in Q3 cash , we don’t take cards for that. You can pay the actual rent of the room however you like though – cash, credit card, cheque …

WOMAN : Oh, well I suppose that’s OK. So does the charge include use of tables and chairs and so on?

OFFICIAL : Oh, yes.

WOMAN : And what about Q4 parking ?

OFFICIAL : Yeah, that’s all included. The only thing that isn’t included is … you said you were organising a dinner?

WOMAN : Yeah.

OFFICIAL : Well, you’ll have to pay extra for the kitchen if you want to use that, it’s £25. It’s got very good facilities – good quality cookers and fridges and so on.

WOMAN : OK, well I suppose that’s all right. We can cover the cost in our entry charges.

OFFICIAL : Right. So I’ll make a note of that. Now there are just one or two things you need to think about before the event. For example, you’ll have to see about getting a licence if you’re planning to have any Q5 music during the meal.

WOMAN : Oh, really?

OFFICIAL : It’s quite straightforward, I’ll give you the details later on. And about a week or ten days before your event you’ll need to contact the caretaker, that’s Mr Evans, to make the arrangements for Q6 entry – he’ll sort that out with you.

WOMAN : And do I give him the payment as well?

OFFICIAL : No, you do that directly with me.

WOMAN : Right. Now is there anything I need to know about what happens during the event?

OFFICIAL : Well, as you’ll be aware, of course the building is no smoking throughout.

WOMAN : Of course.

OFFICIAL : Now, are you having a band?

WOMAN : Yes.

OFFICIAL : Well, they’ll have a lot of equipment, so rather than using the front door they should park their van round the back and use the Q7 stage door there. You can open that from inside but  don’t forget to lock it at the end.


OFFICIAL : And talking of bands, I’m sure l don’t need to tel! you this, but you must make sure that no one fiddles about with the black box by the fire door – that’s a system that cuts in when the  volume reaches a certain level. It’s a legal requirement.

WOMAN : Sure. Anyway, we want people to be able to talk to one another so we don’t want anything too loud. Oh, that reminds me, well be having speeches – are there any microphones available?

OFFICIAL : Yeah. Just let the caretaker know, he’ll get those for you. Right, now when the event is over we do ask that the premises are left in good condition. So there’s a locked cupboard and you’ll be informed of the Q8 code you need to open that. It’s got all the cleaning equipment, brushes and detergent and so on.

WOMAN : Right. So what do we need to do after everyone’s gone? Sweep the Q9 floors I suppose?

OFFICIAL : Well, actually they have to be washed, not just swept. Then you’ll be provided with black plastic bags, so all the rubbish must be collected up and left outside the door.

WOMAN : Of course. Well make sure everything’s left tidy. Oh. and I forgot to ask. I presume we can have Q10 decorations in the room?

OFFICIAL : Yes, but You must take them down afterwards.

WOMAN : Sure.

OFFICIAL : And the chairs and tables should be stacked up neatly at the back of the room

WOMAN : I’ll make sure I’ve got a few people to help me.

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Today we continue our series on ecology and conservation with a look at a particularly endangered member of the black bear family. One in ten black bears is actually born with a white coat. which is the result of a special

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Q1 gene that surfaces in a few. Local people have named it ‘the spirit bear’. And according to the legends of these communities its snowy fur brings with it a special Q2 power. Because of this, it has always been highly regarded by them – so much that they do not speak of seeing it to anyone else. It is their way of protecting it when Q3 strangers visit the area.The white bear’s habitat is quite interesting. The bear’s strong relationship with the old growth is a complex one. The white bear relies on the huge centuries-old trees in the forest in many ways. For example. the old-growth trees have extremely long roots that help prevent Q4 erosion of the soil along the banks of the many fish streams. Keeping these banks intact is important because these streams are home to salmon, which are the bear’s main food source. In return, the bear’s feeding habits nurture the forest. As the bears eat the salmon, they discard the skin and bones in great amounts on the forest floor, which provide vital nutrients. These produce lush vegetation that sustains thousands of other types of life forms, from birds to insects and more.

Today, the spirit bear lives off the coast of the province of British Columbia on a few Q5 island.There is great concern for their survival since it is estimated that less than two hundred of these white bears remain. The best way to protect them is to make every effort to preserve the delicate balance of their forest environment -in other words, their ecosystem.The greatest threat to the bear’s existence is the loss of its habitat. Over many years, logging companies have stripped the land by cutting down a large number of trees. In addition, they have built Q6 roads which have fractured the areas where the bear usually feeds, and many hibernation sites have also been lost. The logging of the trees along the streams has damaged the places where the bears fish. To make matters worse, then the number of salmon in those streams is declining because there is no legal limit on Q7 fishing at the moment.All these influences have a negative impact on the spirit bear’s very existence, which is made all the more fragile by the fact that Q8reproduction among these bears has always been disappointingly low.

And so, what’s the situation going forward? Community organizations, environmental groups and the British Columbia government are now working together on the problem. The government is now requiring logging companies to adopt a better logging Q9 method, which is a positive step. However, these measures alone may not be sufficient to ensure a healthy population of the spirit bear in the future.Other steps also need to be taken. While it is important to maintain the here also needs to be more emphasis on its Q10 expansion. The move is justified as it will also create space for other bears that are losing their homes …


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