IELTS LISTENING – Plan of Learning Resource Centre S12T2


Plan of Learning Resource Centre

Elaine Marry : Hello, As some of you know, I’m Elaine Marry it. The head of the Colleges Learning Resource Center. We’ve invited all of you taking evening classes and leisure activities to come and see the changes we’ve made to the center in the last month. One major change we’ve made here on the ground floor is to the layout. As you can see from looking around you, I’m sure you’ll recognize the desk that’s still in the same place as it has to be just inside the door.

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But you’ll see that there are now periodicals on the shelves in the corner behind the desk. We’ve brought them near the entrance because so many people like to come in just to read magazines. We now stop a far wider range of periodicals than we used to, so we’ve decided to separate them from newspapers. Q11 This means the newspapers are now just the other side of the stairs near the study area. Now, another thing is that Q12 we’ve brought the computers downstairs. People used to complain about having to go upstairs to use them. So there, now at the far side of the building, on the right, in the corner overlooking the car park. We’ve now got an extra Q13 photocopier. So as well as the one upstairs, there’s one down here. You can see it right opposite the entrance by the wall on the far side. The biggest change, though, and one I’m sure many of you will welcome is that we now have a cafe. At last, we’ve been asking for one for years. Q14 If you turn right as soon as you get past the desk, you’ll see the door ahead of you. It became possible to have a cafe because the building has been extended and we’ve now got a new office and store room area. What else should I tell you about before we walk around? Oh, yes. Q15 We’ve had so many requests for books on sport that we’ve bought a lot more on their altogether immediately to the right of the entrance. Okay, that’s enough on the new layout. We’ll walk around in a moment. But before we do something about the people who were here to help you, of course, all the staff will do their best to answer your questions. But now we’re each going to specialize in certain areas.

So if you ask a staff member about something and they don’t think they can help you enough. They’ll direct you to our specialist. Jenny Reed is the person to see if there are any Q16 films you’d like us to stock as she’s taken over responsibility for purchasing those. I’d better warn you that our budget is limited, so I’m afraid we can’t promise to buy everything you asked for. Phil penshurst can help you to improve your writing. If you need to produce Q17 reports for your course, you can book 1/2 hour session with Phil to start with. Then, if you want more help, he’ll arrange follow up sessions with you. I must mention Tom Salisbury. Many people are interested in doing research or just reading about this Q18 region. The people occupations, changes over the years and so on. Tom is a specialist in this particular field, so if you want any help, he can point you in the right direction. We’ve got a large collection of relevant documents, from old maps to studies of the wildlife. We have a new member of staff Saeed Aktar. I’m sure you’ll meet him soon, and we’ll find him very helpful. If you’re unemployed and want some advice on the practical aspect of looking for a Q19 job, Saeed is the person to talk to. He’s also written a very useful book on the subject, which, of course, we’ve got on our shelves. Many of you will know Shilpa Desai, who’s been working here for about five years. Shilpa now has the additional responsibility of giving information and advice on anything to do with Q20 housing, such as finding out what’s available or whether you’re eligible for financial help. Right, well, that’s quite enough from me. So let’s walk around the library.

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IELTS LISTENING – Marketing Report S11T3


Marketing Report

Leo : Anna. I wanted to ask you about my marketing report. I’m not sure about it.

Anna : That’s okay, Leo. So what do you have to do?

Leo : Choose a product or service? Then, compared to organizations that produce it? I’m doing instant coffee.

Anna : But haven’t you got a weekend job in a clothing store? Why didn’t you choose clothing?

Leo : Q21 That was my first thought because I thought it would give me some practical examples. But when I searched for men’s clothing on the Internet, there were hardly any articles. So then I looked for coffee and I found there were tons.

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Anna : Yeah, there are so many brands on the market now. Okay, so how much have you actually written?

Leo : I’ve done part one on economic and technological factors. I found some good data on technological changes. Q22 How in Australia, fewer people are buying instant coffee because of cheap coffee percolator is that they can use to make really coffee at home.

Anna : But there’s also a movement away from drinking coffee,

Leo : Switching to things like herbal teas instead because they think it’s healthier. But that’s not really to do with technology. It’s more cultural anyway. For Part two I’m comparing to instant coffee companies, coffee now and Shaffers’s and I’ve made this table of products.

Anna : Right. Let’s see. So you’ve got the brand names and prices and selling size and descriptions. Okay, the table looks good. You’ll get marks for research there. Where will it go?

Leo : In the section on the marketing mix under product.

Anna : Not in the appendix?

Leo : No.

Anna : Okay, but it’s too factual on its own. Q23 You need to add some comment in that section about the implications of the figures.

Leo : Right? I’ll do that. Now, I want to say that I think that Shaffers is more of a follower than the leader in the coffee industry. Now I’m putting that in the section on market share. Does that seem okay?

Anna : Let’s see. So you’ve begun by explaining what market share is. That’s important, but you’ve got to be careful how you give that opinion.

Leo : Do you think it should go in another section?

Anna : Well, it’s fine where it is Q24 but you’ve got to back it up with some data or they’ll say your report lacks weight.

Leo : Okay, One thing I’m worried about is finding anything original to say.

Anna : Well, since this is your first marketing report, you’re not expected to go out and do interviews and things to collect your own data. You’re just using published data, so the analysis you do might not throw up anything that people didn’t know before. But the focus is more on how you handle the data. I mean, Q25 you might take something like a graph of sales directly from a website, but what makes your work original is the perspective you provide by your interpretation off it.

Leo : Oh, you know, it’s also different from business studies assignments at school. It’s really surprised me.

Anna : What? How much was that you have to do?

Leo : I expected that it’s more. I knew exactly what I had to do to get a good grade at school, and I knew I’d be expected to go more deeply into things here. But Q26 I haven’t got information on how the lecture is going to grade my work, what he’s looking for?

Anna : Well, one thing you have to remember is that in a marketing report, you’ve got to have what they call an executive summary at the beginning. I forgot that. And I got marked down.

Leo : Yeah, I’ve drafted it. I’ve got an overview.

Anna : Have you got something about the Q27 background there?

Leo : Yeah.

Anna : Good.

Leo : So I’ve just made a summary of the main I wasn’t sure whether or not I should have my aim’s there.

Anna : No, that’s too personal. The executive summary is just like what a manager would read to get a general idea of your report if he was in a hurry.

Leo : Right then I’m okay for the first main part, all of the macro environment stuff. But it’s when I get onto the problem section. I’ve listed all the problems that coffee now and shoppers are facing. But then what?

Anna : Well, you have to prioritize. So indicate the main problems and then you analyze each one by connecting it with the Q28 theory. That’s where your reading comes in.

Leo : Okay.

Anna : Have you done your implementation section yet?

Leo : I’ve thought about it. So that’s where I write about what could be done about the problems.

Anna : Yes, and it’s got to be practical. So don’t forget to specify things like who would be involved and the Q29 cost and the order that things would be done in

Leo : Well, that shouldn’t take long.

Anna : You’d be surprised. Actually, that’s the bit that tends to get badly done because people run out of Q30 time that in the conclusion.

Leo : Oh, any hints for that?

Anna : Well, it’s got to draw out the main points from your report, so it’s got to be quite general. You need to avoid introducing new stuff here. It’s got to sum up what you said earlier.

Leo : Okay, Thanks Anna. That’s been a big help.

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IELTS LISTENING – Anglia Sculpture Park S11T2


Anglia Sculpture Park

Guide : Hello, everyone and Welcome to the Anglia sculpture park, right? Well, the idea behind the sculpture park is that it’s a place where works of art such as, large sculptures and carvings can be displayed out of doors in a natural setting. As you’ll have noticed when you drove here, most of the land around the park is farmland. The park itself belonged to a family called the De Quincies, who had made a lot of money from manufacturing farm machinery and who also owned substantial stretches of forest land to the north of the park.

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Q11 They built a house in the center of the park, not far from where we’re standing now, but this burnt down in 1980 the De Quincies then sold the land. The anglia sculpture park isn’t the only one in the country. Several of the London parks sometimes display contemporary sculptures, and there are a couple of other permanent sculpture parks in England. But we’re unique in that some of our sculptures were actually created for the sites they occupy here and, we also Q12 shows sculptures by a wider range of artists than anywhere else in the country. For example, at present we have an exhibition by Joe Tremaine of what he calls burnt sculptures. These are wood and stone sculptures that he’s carved and marked with fire to Q13 illustrate the ferocity and intensity of the forces that have shaped our planet over millions of years. They look really dramatic in this rural setting to see some of the sculptures you’ll need to follow the path alongside the lower lake. Q14 We had to renovate this after the lake overflowed its banks a couple of months ago and flooded the area. The water levels back to normal now, and you shouldn’t have any trouble. The paths very level underfoot. You should be back at the visitor center at about four o’clock. If you have time, it’s worth taking a look at the center itself. It’s not possible to go upstairs at present. Q15 As builders are working, they’re adding another floor, but the rests well worth seeing. The architect was Guy King. He was actually born in this part of England, but he recently designed the museum in Canada that won a prize for innovation in public buildings. If you want to get something to eat when you get back, like Q16 a snack or a sandwich, the terrace room is currently closed, but you can go to the kiosk and buy something, then sit on one of the chairs overlooking the lower lake on. Enjoy the view as you’re eating.

Now let me just tell you a bit about what you can see in the sculpture park. If you look at your map, you’ll see the visitor center where we are now at the bottom, just by the entrance. Since we only have an hour, you might not be able to get right around the park. But you can choose to visit some of the highlights. You might like to take a look at the Q17 Joe Tremaine sculptures, which are displayed on this side of the upper lake just behind the Education center on near the bridge. They’re really impressive, but please remember not to let your Children climb on them. One of our most popular exhibitions is the Q18 Giorgio catalucci bird sculptures. They’re just across the bridge on the north side of the lower lake. I love the way they’re scattered around in the long grass beside the lake, looking as if they’re just about to take to their wings. You could also go to the Q19 Garden gallery. It’s on this side of the upper lake from the visitor center. You go to the education center, then keep on along the path and you’ll see it on your right. There’s an exhibition of animal carvings there, which is well worth a look. We also have the Q20 Long house that’s quite a walk. From here. You go to the bridge and then turn left on the other side. Soon you’ll see a winding pathway going up towards the northern boundary of the park. Go up there and you’ll find it at the top. They have some abstract metal sculptures that are well worth seeing if you have time. Okay, well, now, if you

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IELTS LISTENING – The ‘weak-tie’ theory: how friends-of-friends influence us S10T4

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The ‘weak-tie’ theory: how friends-of-friends influence us

Lecturer : Good morning. Today we’re thinking about the way that technology is influencing our social structures and the way we interact with one another. Humans, as we know, have always lived in groups. Without this arrangement, our species would have died out long ago. But now the way we see and define our group is changing. I’d like to start by mentioning the research of American sociologist Mark Grannovetter in 1973. It was granted better, who first coined the term weak ties, which he used to refer to people’s loose acquaintances.

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In other words, friends of friends. His research showed that weak ties had a significant effect on the behavior and choices of populations, and this influence was something highly important in the fields of information, science and politics. And, as you can imagine, Q31 marketing also so these friends of friends people we might spend time with its social or work gatherings might not be like us, but they can still have a positive influence because we share the same sort of Q32 interests. That’s enough to make a connection, and this connection can turn out to be more beneficial than we might suspect.

An example of this, an example of how the connection can influence us is when our weak ties get in touch and pass on details about Q33 jobs they think might be suitable for us. Well, since Grant a better first came up with this theory, his work has been sighted in over 19,000 papers. Some of these studies have looked at how weak tie networks are useful to us in other ways, And one thing that seems to improve as a result of weak tie influence is our Q34 health.

Today, our number of weak tie acquaintances has exploded due to the internet to the phenomenon of online social networking. This is still a relatively new way of communication, something that has a huge amount of potential. But also, as with any invention, it brings with it a new set of problems. Let’s start with the benefits without question. Q36 Online social networking allows us to pass on the latest news to be up to date with local and global events, and for many this information comes from sources more trustworthy than local media. So this is one clear point in favor of online social networking. I know that it’s also being used by students as a means of increasing their chances of success in the way the lecture notes can be shared and ideas discussed. I think, personally speaking, that we need some further research before we condemn definitively, say whether it helps or not. There’s also been a great increase in the number of networking sites devoted to sharing advice on health issues. But there are is yet no studies to prove the reliability of that advice.

Now what we do have clear evidence for is that Q35 people are developing friendships and professional networks in a way that wasn’t possible before. The process is faster. I’m not talking about quality here, but simply that they exist. And it’s debatable whether the number of online friends that you have increases your level of self confidence. That’s perhaps an area of research. Some of you might be interested in following up turning to the problems. There are any number of articles connecting online activity to falling levels of physical fitness, but it’s too easy to blame the Internet for our social problems. The poor grades of school Children are also frequently linked to the time spent on social networking sites, but it would be naive to believe there are no other contributing factors. One real concern, however, is the increase in the amount of fraud where, for example, Q37 people are using the personal data of others, which they put online for criminal purposes. This kind of activity seems likely to continue, and then, Q38 certainly for employers, online social networking sites have provided a great time wasting opportunity, reducing productivity like never before. And I doubt they can put a stop to this habit no matter what restrictions are in place. We’ll come back to these issues in a minute, But I’d like to say something about the theories of Robin Dunbar, an anthropologist at Oxford University. Dunbar has found that the human brain has evolved in a way that means we can only give real attention to a particular number of people 150 apparently So, for example, if the number of friends on your online network is greater than that. According to Dunbar, this would imply the relationships are only superficial. Dunbar is not against online relationships. But Q39 he maintains that face to face interaction is essential for the initial creation of true friendship and connections. He’s concerned that for Q40 young people, if they’re only experience of forming relationships is online, this doesn’t allow them to form the ability or acquire the strategies for maintaining relationships, for example, in situation where negotiation or diplomacy is required all over is essential

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