IELTS LISTENING – Geography Presentation S23GT3


Geography Presentation

Student A: Remind me, Trevor, how long is the presentation?

Student B: Dr. White said three per hour.

Student A: So about 20 minutes.

Student B: Well, it’ll be 15 minutes per presentation on five minutes for questions. And is this one gonna be assessed?

Student A: No, not this time around. Because it’s the 1st 1 You No good news. Well, what are we going to include?

Student B: Well, do you think we ought to give some historical background?

Student A: Oh, no, definitely. No, we won’t have time.

Student B: OK, but I think we ought to say something about the geographical location because not a lot of people know where the islands are.

Student A: Yes. Okay, I’ll take note. Shall I?

Student B: Yeah, that would be a help.

Student A: So, geographic coop location.

Student B: Then we would have given an overview of the whole education system.

Student A: Shouldn’t we say something about the economy, you know, agricultural, produce, minerals, and so forth?

Student B: Well, doctor, wife said we shouldn’t go into that sort of detail,

Student A: but it’s pretty important when you think about it, you know, because it does influence the education, sir. System.

Student B: Look, let’s think about that. Would later, shall we say, Let’s see how we doing for time.

Student A: Okay, So, general overview. Off education,

Student B: of course. And then the roll of English language?

Student A: No, that goes in the language policy seminar. Don’t you remember?

Student B: You sure?

Student A: Positive.

Student B: What? So those are the topics we’re going to be to be covering

Student A: We need to think about what to prepare. Dr. White said he wanted us to use plenty of visuals and things, and we might as well try them out when we’re not being assessed.

Student B: Well, the most important thing is thea overhead projector.

Student A: No problem. We’ll get that from the media room. Must remember to book it.

Student B: Well, we’ll need a map, of course,

Student A: probably to one of the island’s large scale on one of West Africa. Well, the West African one is no problem. There’s one in the resources room.

Student B: Oh, yeah, of course. The resources room. The island’s gonna be more of a problem.

Student A: Tell you what, There’s a very clear map of Santiago in that tourist brochure I showed you last week. Don’t you remember it? Oh, yeah, That’s right. We can just use the tourist Russia. We also need statistics on several different things.

Student B: Literacy writes?

Student A: Yes. And school places. How about the Encyclopaedia? No, not up to date. Enough. Mmm. Why don’t we call the embassy? Oh, someone’s enthusiastic. Well, if something’s worth doing, I know it’s worth doing well. Okay.

Student B: We confined our statistics on school places from them as well.

Student A: Much as well.

Student B: Look, Julie, it’s almost time for our tutorials. We can meet again on Monday, but we need to prepare some stuff before then.

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