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Go-travel Booking Form

Agent : Hello. You’re through to go travel. This is Darren speaking. How may I help you today?

Women : Hello. I’m calling to book a holiday.

Agent : Great, may I take your name, please.

Women : Yes, it’s Grieves. Anna Grieves.

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Agent : Is that GRA..?

Women : No, G r i e v e s and Anna is with double N.

Agent : Right. Thank you, Anna. Now we are Delighted you’ve called us. Can I ask where you heard about us?

Women : It was your advertisement in one of the magazines.

Agent : Was it Holiday world?

Women : Yes, that’s the one.

Agent : Good. Thank you. It’s useful to know,

Women : Of course.

Agent : And did you have a particular holiday in mind or was it a general inquiry?

Women : I think I’ve chosen. I like the look of the one with the cold FT4551 the right destination. And the prices seem reasonable.

Agent : Right, now was it for yourself only, or…?

Women : Oh, no. I want to go with a couple of friends. So there would be three of us going.

Agent : Okay. Now there’s a choice of dates, as you know.

Women : Yes, I think well, we’ve got to be back by the end of August. So if we say going on August 16th that would work. Fine.

Agent : No problem. And you can also choose the length of your holiday. There’s let’s see, 7, 11 or 14 nights.

Women : We thought the middle one would be great longer would be nice, of course, but…

Agent : Might be next year

Women : yes

Agent : And you do need to have insurance.

Women : ahha?

Agent : We have three levels Standard, Super, and Super close.

Women : Standard seems a bit basic. Let’s say super. That should be sufficient.

Agent : Fine. Well, that’s all good so far and the availabilities are okay. Have you looked through the list of options there in the advertisement?

Women : I have. And I’ve got the list here. Some of them do seem a good idea.

Agent : Which ones would you like to take?

Women : In terms of the hotel. The offer of picnic launches we leave that we rather go to cafes. I think a balcony for the room is a must. It’s so nice to sit out. Enjoying the view.

Agent : Oh, yes.

Women : And then the trips. I think we’ll pass on the night, Bosswant I never really enjoy the common trees. and museums aren’t really my sort of thing, to be honest anymore than dances.

Agent : aahaa..

Women : But I like practical things. So I think the demonstration of local arts could be fun.

Agent : Yes, I would think so.

Women : And then in terms of getting out of town, going up the river on a boat Sounds delightful. And I wouldn’t want to miss that. But the mountains, Well, sitting in a coach on those bind inroads.

Agent : I understand. Okay, Well, that’s all I need for the booking at this point. Just a few details for you, and then we’ll check the payment.

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