Housing Officer: Yes. What can I do for you?

Keiko: My friend is in homestay and she really enjoys it. So I’d like to join a family as well.

Housing Officer: Okay, so let me get some details. What’s your name?

Keiko: My name is Keiko. You Tini.

Housing Officer: Could you spell your family name for me?

Keiko: It’s you, Tini. That’s why you I c h I n i

Housing Officer: and your first name.

Keiko: It’s Keiko. K e I k o. That’s Keiko. You Jeannie.

Housing Officer: Okay. And your female and your nationality.

Keiko: I’m Japanese,

Housing Officer: Right? And Chrissy, your passport, please.

Keiko: Here it is.

Housing Officer: Okay. Your passport number is J 06 Double 37 And you’re how old?

Keiko: I’m 28 years old now.

Housing Officer: You live in one of the colleges. Which one?

Keiko: Willow College. Um Rym 21 c

Housing Officer: Right. 21. See Willow College on How long you planning on staying with homestay?

Keiko: About four months longer if I like it.

Housing Officer: And what course are you enrolled in?

Keiko: Well, I’ve been ruled for 20 weeks in the ah, um, advanced English studies because I need help with my racing, and I’m nearly at the end of my 1st 5 week course.

Housing Officer: Okay. Do you have any preference for a family with children or without children?

Keiko: I prefer. I mean, I like young children, but I’d like to be with older people, you know, adults. Someone around my age.

Housing Officer: Okay, Andi, what about pets?

Keiko: I am a veterinarian, so that’s fine. The more the better.

Housing Officer: All right, Now, what about you? Are you a vegetarian or do you have any special food requirements?

Keiko: No, I am not a vegetarian, but I don’t eat a lot of meat. I really like seafood. And what are your hobbies? I like reading and going to the movies.

Housing Officer: Do you play any sports?

Keiko: Yes. I joined the handball team, but I didn’t like that. So I stopped playing. Now I play tennis on the weekend with my friends.

Housing Officer: All right, let’s see. Name, age. Now the location. Are you familiar with the public transport system?

Keiko: No, I’m not, really. Because I have been living on campus. I’ve been to the city a few times on the bus, but they are always late.

Housing Officer: What about the trains?

Keiko: I like catching the train. They are much faster.

Housing Officer: Now. Let me go cheque on the computer and see who I’ve got. Listen, leave it with me. I’ll cheque my records on DH. I’ll give you details this afternoon.

Keiko: Thank you for helping me.

Housing Officer: It’s a pleasure, bye

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