Insurance Agent: Good morning. Total insurance duty speaking. How may I help you?

Michael Alexander: I recently shipped my belongings from overseas back here to Australia and I took out insurance with your company. Some items were damaged during the move, so I need to make a claim. What do I have to do?

Insurance Agent: Okay. Well, first I need to get a few details about this. Can you give me your name, please?

Michael Alexander: Yes, It’s Michael Alexander.

Insurance Agent: Okay. And your address, please.

Michael Alexander: My old address or my current one?

Insurance Agent: Your current one.

Michael Alexander: It’s 24 Manley Street Mill pere. Nice, Sidney.

Insurance Agent: What was the suburbs? Sorry.

Michael Alexander: Mill para M I l e Ah A

Insurance Agent: Right now. Who was the shipping agent, Mr. Alexander?

Michael Alexander: You mean the company we used?

Insurance Agent: Yes. The company were packed everything up at the point of origin.

Michael Alexander: Oh, it was, um, at first class movers.

Insurance Agent: Okay, Where were the goods shipped from

Michael Alexander: China. But the ship came via Singapore was there for about a week.

Insurance Agent: Don’t worry. All of that information will be in the documentation. Now. The dates Do you know? When the ship arrived,

Michael Alexander: it left on the 11th of October on Got to Sydney on the 28th of November.

Insurance Agent: Okay, I need one more thing. There’s a reference number. It should be in the top. Right hand corner of the pink form they gave you.

Michael Alexander: Ah, let me have a look. So many. Yes, here it is. It’s six. So one a ck. Gee,

Insurance Agent: thanks. I need to take down a few details of the actual damage over the phone before you put in a full report. Can you tell me how many items were damaged and what the damage? Wass?

Michael Alexander: Yes, Well, four things. Actually, I’ll start with the big things. My TV. First of all, it’s a large one. Very expensive

Insurance Agent: insurance doesn’t cover electrical problems.

Michael Alexander: It isn’t an electrical problem. The screen has a huge crack in it, so it’s unusable,

Insurance Agent: I say. Any idea of the price to repair it?

Michael Alexander: No. Well, I don’t think it can be repaired. It will need a new one.

Insurance Agent: Okay, I’ll make a note of that, and we’ll see what we can do. And now, what was the second item?

Michael Alexander: The cabinet from the bathroom was damaged as well. It’s a lovely cabinet. We use it to keep our towels in.

Insurance Agent: And what is the extent of the damage?

Michael Alexander: Well, the back in the sides seem okay, but the door has a huge hole in it. It can’t be repaired. I’m really not very happy about it.

Insurance Agent: And how much do you think it will cost to replace it?

Michael Alexander: Well, when I bought it last year, I paid $125 for it. But the one I have seen here in Sydney is a bit more expensive. It’s $140

Insurance Agent: right? And what was the third item?

Michael Alexander: My dining room table. It’s a lovely table from Indonesia. It must have been very hot inside the container because one leg has completely split down the middle. The top of the other three look. Okay. Thank goodness.

Insurance Agent: Any idea of the price to repair it?

Michael Alexander: Well, I had an estimate done on this, actually, because it is a very special table. Tow us. They quoted as $200 which is really pricey, so I hope the insurance will cover the total cost.

Insurance Agent: I’m sure that will be fine. What was the last item, Mr Alexander?

Michael Alexander: Well, we have a lovely set of China plates and dishes, you know, with matching cups sources. The lot. They were all in the one box, which must have got dropped because some plates were broken. Six, actually.

Insurance Agent: And can you tell me the replacement value of these?

Michael Alexander: Well, it’s hard to say because they were part of a set, but they could be up to $10 Each is it’s such a good set.

Insurance Agent: Okay, so that would be around $60. All


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