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IELTS READING – Pottery production in ancient Akrotiri S53AT3

IELTS READING S53AT3 Pottery production in ancient Akrotiri A. Excavations at the site of prehistoric Akrotiri, on the coast of the Aegean Sea, have revealed much about the technical aspects of pottery manufacture, indisputably one of the basic industries of this Greek city. However, considerably less is known about the socio-economic context and the way production was organised. Attempt full […]

IELTS READING – Corporate Social Responsibility S54AT2

IELTS READING S54AT2 Corporate Social Responsibility Broadly speaking, proponents of CSR have used four arguments to make their case: moral obligation, sustainability, license to operate, and reputation. The moral appeal—arguing that companies have a duty to be good citizens and to *do the right thing” —is prominent in the goal of Business for Social Responsibility, the leading nonprofit CSR […]

IELTS READING – Save the Turtles S54AT1

IELTS READING S54AT1 Save the Turtles A. Leatherback turtles follow the general sea turtle body plan of having a large, flattened, round body with two pairs of very large flippers and a short tail. Like other sea turtles, the leatherback’s flattened forelimbs are adapted for swimming in the open ocean. Claws are absent from both pairs of flippers. […]