IELTS READING – Father of modern management S55AT2

IELTS READING S55AT2 Father of modern management A. It’s been said that Peter Drucker invented the discipline of management Before he wrote his first book on the topic, he knew of only two companies in the world with management development programs. Ten years after the book’s publication, 3,000 companies were teaching the subject. Q14 Widely considered […]

IELTS READING – Timekeeper 2 Invention of Marine Chronometer S55AT1

IELTS READING S55AT1 Timekeeper 2 Invention of Marine Chronometer A. It was, as Dava Sobel has described a phenomenon: ‘the greatest scientific problem of the age’. The reality was that in the 18th century no one had ever made a clock that could suffer the great rolling and pitching of a ship and the large changes […]

IELTS READING – TV Addiction 2 S54AT3

IELTS READING S54AT3 TV Addiction 2 A. Excessive cravings do not necessarily involve physical substances. Gambling can become compulsive; sex can become obsessive. One activity, however, stands out for its prominence and ubiquity—the world’s most Q38 popular pastime, television. Most people admit to having a love-bate relationship with it. They complain about the “boob tube” and “couch potatoes,” then […]

IELTS READING – The future never dies? S53AT2

IELTS READING S53AT2 The future never dies? The prospects for humanity and for the world as a whole are somewhere between glorious and dire. It is hard to be much more precise. A. By ‘glorious’ I mean that our descendants – all who are born on to this Earth could live very comfortably and securely, and […]