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Accommodation Request Form

Coordinator: Sara, I’ve heard that you want to move into a home. Stay family. Is that correct?

Sara: Yes, that’s right. I’ve been staying with my aunt, and now my cousin is arriving from Singapore on my art. Needs the room for him.

Coordinator: Ah, that’s bad luck. Well, I’ll need to get some particulars first. Um, Sara, what’s your full name?

Sara: Sara. Limb on that, Sara. Without the H at the end.


Coordinator: How old are you, Sara?

Sara: 23. Only. Just It was my birthday on the 21st of August.

Coordinator: Happy birthday for yesterday. How long have you been in Australia?

Sara: Ah, Q1 year in Adelaide on six months in Sydney. I prefer Sydney. I’ve got more friends here.

Coordinator: What’s your address at your aunt’s house?

Sara: Flat one 539 Q2 Forest Road, Canterbury, on the post Code is 2036

Coordinator: Hey, what are you studying now?

Sara: I was studying General English in Adelaide and now I’m doing Q3 academic English because I’m trying to get into medicine next year.

Coordinator: That sounds good, but it’ll take you a long time.

Sara: When would you like to move out from your hands?

Sara: My cousin arrives on Friday morning, so I’d better be out on Q4 Thursday.

Coordinator: What? The seventh of September?

Sara: Yes, that’s right.

Coordinator: That doesn’t leave us much time, right? Okay. I need to know what kind of accommodation you’d like So I can get you something suitable.

Sara: Cannot share room with someone else. Q5 I’ve been alone in my room at my aunt’s on. I’ve always shared with my sister and I like that.

Coordinator: Yes. Fine. That’ll save you money to. Would you like to live with a family? Or do you think that a single person would be better for you? I have lots of very nice single people on my books.

Sara: Q6 Do you have any women living alone? Retired women?

Coordinator: Yes, I have quite a few whose Children have grown up and left home. In fact, I have some really lovely retired ladies living by themselves who just love the company of students. Most of them live in flats, but that’s not a problem for you is.

Sara: not at all. Q7 I’m used to that. My aunt lives in a flat to remember. I’m not used to a big house with a garden swimming pool Pets, handle that.

Coordinator: Okay, fine. I know quite a bit about what you want. Now, I should let you know that your rent will be $160 per week. You’ll have to pay me $320 as a Q8 deposit before you move in.

The deposit is as insurance in case you break something you’ll need to pay Q9 monthly to me by cash or check out of mind.

You don’t need to pay for guests, electricity, or water, but you will need to pay your proportion off the Q10 phone bill. Most families do that on an honor system, but you’ll have to wait and see.

Sara: Have you got any more questions for me and When will you know where I can go?

Coordinator: I’ll work on it now. So come and see me tomorrow. And I should have some news for you then.

Sara: Thanks a lot.

Coordinator: Goodbye. See you tomorrow. After lunch will be better for me.

Sara: Okay. See you then. Bye.

Coordinator: How old are you, Sara?


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