Roger Brown

Caroline : Good morning. Youth Council. Caroline speaking.

Roger Brown : Oh, hello. I’m interested in standing for election to the Youth Council. And, I was told to give you a call.

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Caroline : That’s good. Could I have your name, please?

Roger Brown : Yes, It’s Roger Brown.

Caroline : Thank you. I’m Caroline, the youth council administrator. So do you know much about what the council does? Roger,

Roger Brown : I’ve talked to Stephanie. I think she’s the chair of the council.

Caroline : That’s right

Roger Brown : And she told me a lot about it. How? It’s a way for young people to discuss local issues, for example, and make suggestions to the Town Council. That’s what made me interested.

Caroline : Fine. Well, let me take down some of your details. First of all, how old are you? You know, the council is for young people aged from 13 to 18.

Roger Brown : I’ve just turned 18

Caroline : Where do you live, Roger.

Roger Brown : Well, that’s a bit complicated at the moment. I’m looking for a flat to rent here, so I’m in a Q1 hostel from Monday to Friday. I go back to my parent’s place at the weekend.

Caroline : Okay, So where’s the best place to send you some information about the council?

Roger Brown : Oh, to my parent’s address, please. That’s 17 Q2 Buckleigh Street B U C K l E I G H Street, Stamford Lincolnshire though you don’t really need the county.

Caroline : Oh, I know Stamford – its a lovely town on What’s the post code?

Roger Brown : Q3 pe97qt

Caroline : Right. Thank you. So are you working here or are you a student?

Roger Brown : I started studying at the university a couple of weeks ago and I’ve got a part time job for a few hours a week.

Caroline : What you did?

Roger Brown : Well, I’ve done several different things. I’ve just finished a short term contract as a courier, and now I’m working as a Q4 waiter in one of the big hotels.

Caroline : I can’t leave you much time for studying.

Roger Brown : Oh, it’s not too bad. I managed to fit it all in.

Caroline : What are you studying?

Roger Brown : My ambition is to go into Parliament eventually. So my major subject is Q5 politics. That’s partly why I think the Youth Council is important. And want to be a part of it.

Caroline : And I suppose you’re also taking a minor subject, aren’t you? I know a lot of people study economics to

Roger Brown : I chose history. To be honest, I’m not finding it as interesting as I expected.

Caroline : Okay. So with your studying on your part time job, do you have time for any other interests or hobbies?

Roger Brown : Well, I spent quite a lot of time Q6 cycling both around town to get to university and to work and also long distance from here to London, for instance.

Caroline : That’s pretty impressive. Anything else

Roger Brown : for relaxation? I’m also keen on the Q7 cinema I used to go at least once a week, but I can’t manage to go so often now.

Caroline : Right? Are you sure you’ll have enough time for the youth council?

Roger Brown : Yes, I’ve worked out that I can afford to reduce my hours at work, and that will make the time.

Caroline : So is there any particular aspect of the youth councils work that appeals to you? Roger.

Roger Brown : Well, my sister is blind, so I’m particularly interested in working with Q8 disabled young people to try and improve the quality of their lives.

Caroline : That’s great. Well, the best way to get involved is to be nominated by some people who you know,

Roger Brown : right. Can you tell me how to set about organizing that?

Caroline : You should talk to Jeffrey, our elections officer. I can arrange a meeting in the council office with him, if you like.

Roger Brown : Yes, please.

Caroline : He’ll be here next Monday if that suits you.

Roger Brown : That’s the 14th isn’t it?

Caroline : Yes.

Roger : I can manage late afternoon.

Caroline : Would you like to suggest the time? He generally leaves around 5 30

Roger Brown : Well, would Q9 4.30 be okay? My last class finishes at four. So would have plenty of time to get to your office.

Caroline : Right. That’s fine. Oh, and could I have a phone number we can contact you on?

ROGER : Yes, my mobile number’s Q10 07788136711

CAROLINE : Thank you. Well, we’ll look forward to seeing you next week.

ROGER : Thanks very much. Goodbye.


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