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The School of Education Libraries

LIBRARIAN : Good afternoon. Can I help you?

STUDENT : Good afternoon. Yes, I’ve just transferred to the School of Education, and I’d like information about joining the library.

LIBRARIAN : Well, the School of Education has libraries on two sites, as I’m sure you know, This one here is the Fordham Site, and the other is on Castle Road.

STUDENT : And is there any difference between the two libraries?

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LIBRARIAN : Not in terms of their facilities. Access to online databases and the Internet is available at both sites and each site has a range of reference materials on education.

STUDENT : Oh yes. I see.

LIBRARIAN : But the Castle Road site has books on the sociology of education and a collection of textbooks and teaching resources covering most of the subjects taught in secondary schools.

STUDENT : Ah, right, but I’m training to be a primary teacher so I need to look at materials for the five to eleven age group.

LIBRARIAN : Then you’ve come to the right place. At Fordham, we hold material relating to primary education, as well as special needs, but of course, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with both sites to make the most of our resources.

STUDENT : You haven’t mentioned periodicals. Are they held at both sites?

LIBRARIAN : Current issues, yes but if you want to look at back issues you’ll need to use the CD-ROM databases which are held here at Fordham.

STUDENT : I see. Now, about borrowing books. I’m living out of town, so I’m hoping I can borrow quite a few items, and cut down on the number of trips I have to make.

LIBRARIAN : Right, well, members can borrow two books at a time from each site.

STUDENT : Only two books?

LIBRARIAN : Only two from each site, but that’s four altogether.

STUDENT : Oh I see, and how long can I hang on to them for?

LIBRARIAN : The borrowing period is one month, but of course books can be renewed. You can renew any item a maximum of three times.

STUDENT : Do I have to come to the library to do that?

LIBRARIAN : No, you can do it by telephone or email, but you can’t renew overdue books this way, only before or on the due date stamped in the book. We’ll need your full name, your borrower number and the name of the site-library you borrowed the items from.

STUDENT : So theoretically I can borrow books for up to three months – is that what you’re saying?

LIBRARIAN : Yes, provided they’re not recalled.

STUDENT : So, what happens then?

LIBRARIAN : Well, sometimes an item is requested by another borrower, in which case we’d send you a letter, and you’d have to return the book within seven working days. Don’t forget we’re closed on Sundays.


STUDENT : I expect it’ll take me a while to find what I need. There’s such a lot here.

LIBRARIAN : Yes there is, but if you need help getting started, this term we’re running three study skills workshops.

STUDENT : Oh? What are they on?

LIBRARIAN : Er, let me see. The first one’s on resources – yes, here it is.

STUDENT : How to use the library’s resources. That includes everything, not just the print and technical resources. That sounds useful. Is there anything on using the Internet? ,

LIBRARIAN : Er, let’s see. The one on the Internet for beginners was the last term, This term it’s finding research materials online.

STUDENT : That sounds interesting too, hm, what’s the last one?

LIBRARIAN : It’s a workshop on dissertations.

STUDENT : What do you mean – how to write one?

LIBRARIAN : Er. no, it’s more to do with academic writing conventions, you know – writing a bibliography and how to refer to sources in your text. That sort of thing. Anyway, here’s a leaflet with information about all three.

STUDENT : Thanks a lot. That’ll be very useful.

LIBRARIAN : You’re welcome

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