IELTS READING TEST SET 2 AC # RAISING THE MARY ROSE. How a sixteenth-century warship was recovered from the seabed. Attempt full ielts simulator test.

Raising the Mary Rose

How a sixteenth-century warship was recovered from the seabed

On Q2 19 July 1545, English and French fleets were engaged in a sea battle off the coast of southern England in the area of water called the Solent, between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

Among the English vessels was a warship by the name of Mary Rose. Built in Portsmouth some 35 years earlier, she had had a long and successful fighting career, and was a favourite of King Henry VIII. Q1 Accounts of what happened to the ship vary: while witnesses agree that she was not hit by the French, some maintain that she was outdated, overladen and sailing too low in the water, others that she was mishandled by undisciplined crew.

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